Stéphane Klein

Full Stack Developer, Devops Engineer


15 years experience in development and system administration.
Expert in OpenSource software, especially Web system (frontend and backend).
Skills in Software architecture and project management.
I perform technological watch and track best practices every day.
I love challenging projects.

Main skills

Front End Web

Angular.JS Vue.JS React.js cutting edge HTML5 and CSS3 techniques

Back End Web

Python (Flask, aiohttp) Golang NodeJS


Debian Docker Ansible Kubernetes



Full-Stack Developer - Full remote

Since June 2017

Gemnasium monitors software dependencies, notifies users of security updates or advisories and automates source code updates. Tens of thousands of users trust Gemnasium to identify and address known vulnerabilities in open source software. Gemnasium works with Ruby, NPM, PHP, Python, Bower and Java.


IT System Administrator / Devops Engineer - Full remote

Janaury 2016 - June 2017

Tech-Angels is a software company which develop and operate Gemnasium product and provide web hosting IT managed services.


  • Languages: Python, Go
  • OS: Debian, Red Hat Atomic Host
  • Configuration management: Ansible, Puppet
  • Cluster management software: OpenShift (based on Docker and Kubernetes)
  • Distributed object store: Ceph
  • Version Control Systems: git
  • Tools: GitLab, Vagrant
  • Aggregated centralized logs: Fluentd, ElasticSearch, Kibana


R&D Developer - Full remote

August 2012 - January 2016

Bearstech is an engineers worker cooperative expert on IT managed services provider, web hosting and application development.


  • Languages: Python, Go, Lua, Ruby
  • Framework: Django, Pyramid (Python)
  • Databases : Mysql, SQLite, Redis
  • Front-end web: Bootstrap, Bower, SCSS, AngularJS, Flot, Gulp
  • HTTP Server: Nginx + Lua
  • Version Control Systems: git
  • Configuration management: Ansible
  • Tools: Jenkins, LXC, Vagrant and Vagrant-lxc


Lead Full Stack Developer - Paris

June 2012 - July 2012

Homeloc is a startup of 10 employees, the first French multiposting service for vacation rentals.


  • Languages: Python
  • Framework: Tornado (Python)
  • Databases: MongoDB
  • Version Control Systems: git


Lead Full Stack Developer / IT System Administrator - Metz

January 2006 - June 2012

isWebdesign is a Web agency based in Metz. The company offers graphic design and development services to serve corporations and governmental organizations digital strategies.



Metz University Computer Science Certificate

1999 - 2001